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factoring for the construction industry


Alliance Commercial Finance helps businesses in the print & packaging industry maximise their cash flow, by providing invoice finance and factoring solutions. We understand that few industries face as many financial challenges as the print & packaging industry, with the high cost of equipment, the fluctuation in costs of the raw materials & large print runs.

  • Factoring or Invoice Finance is a fast and effective way to release cash from unpaid invoices. 

  • Access up to 95% of the gross value of each invoice.

  • Help maintain a regular cash flow

  • Help spread the cost of any new or used assets being purchased with hire purchase or operating lease

  • You can retain the credit control management and also have a confidential facility.

  • All facilities are operated online ensuring the account runs smoothly.


Alliance Commercial Finance have years of experience working with businesses in the print & packaging industry. We understand the daily challenges and can provide an effective solution to preserve a steady stream of working capital. This ensures that bills can be paid, purchases can be made, and the business can move forward.


Businesses sell their invoices to the factoring company, who provide up to 90% of the cash tied up in the outstanding invoices. This money can be made available instantly and will help provide businesses with the required cash flow. The factoring facility chase for payment, giving businesses owners more time to focus on the daily running of the business. However, if credit control and some degree of confidentiality is desired then a confidential invoice discounting facility would be more suitable.

We know that even with the rise of a digital age, the print & packaging industry is still thriving. Operating a profitable business is becoming increasingly difficult because of increasing tax demands, late payments from clients and the rising costs of utilities. In such a challenging climate, cash flow is important, and this is where  print & packaging factoring can help.  

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So, let Alliance Commercial Finance search the market place on your behalf at no cost to you. Contact us on 01789 761 374 and speak to an advisor today or alternatively fill in our quick quote form for a call back.

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