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supplier finance 

trade finance

  • Trade finance is a way of removing the payment risk and the supply risk for those involved in the trade cycle

  • Trade Finance ensures that you have the cash available to cover the costs associated with the importation of finished goods before the customer has paid their invoice

  • It also protects you and your customers from late payments, ensuring you never miss out on the cash you need to complete the order and purchase supplies

Purchase order finance

Normally used by SMEs who are unable to take on large orders from customers due to lack of cash resources needed to make a full, upfront payment on goods

Allows you to receive the funding you need for suppliers, staff and other costs   as soon as you receive an order

Bridges the gap between an order being placed and paid for by a supplier and the payment is received by the end customer

Provides a fast, effective short-term cash injection allowing you to pay for goods or raw materials that are needed to fulfill a large order

How it works

To begin

Your finance partner will work with you, your customer and your supplier to make sure these time frames can be met

Payment mode

Payment is made to the supplier of the product which will allow them to be dispatched


Goods received and you can send onwards to your customer

The Invoice

An invoice is raised to your customer and the finance company pay off their supplier loan and make the balance of the invoice available

Using purchase order finance

If you use purchase order finance to secure stock from suppliers, they'll treat you like a cash buyer instead of having to open an additional line of supplier credit. This will attract better rates for you so you can profit off each other. 

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Frequently asked questions trade finance

What is trade finance?

This is specific to companies wishing to import goods into the country and need to make payment prior to shipping. A funder will open a letter of credit, which allows for payment and shipment to be made.

What are the advantages of trade finance?

The main benefit is that it allows you to deliver orders that are outside your capacity to fund. The payment is fast, with just a few business days needed to receive the required information, which allows you to take on more business

Who are Alliance Commercial Finance Limited and what do they do?

Alliance Commercial Finance Limited provide bespoke invoice finance, factoring and specialist supplier finance solutions to help businesses fund their working capital.

Why should I choose Alliance Commercial Finance?

We spend the time talking to the directors to establish their requirements and provide them with the best options for their business. This enables a quick and reliable decision, allowing business to progress with as little disruption as possible. We constantly work with our funding partners to make sure we are up to date with current offers and products; which means you get impartial advice and the right product for your requirements. When you work with us, you will benefit from over 20 years' experience in the financial sector. Having worked at director level within the independent, non-bank owned factors, including those owned by merchant banks.