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invoice finance for haulage and transport in the UK

Haulage & transport

Improve your cashflow

  • Factoring or invoice finance is a quick and effective way to release cash from unpaid invoices.

  • Access up to 95% of the invoice value.

  • Helps maintain a regular cashflow and enables you to meet start up costs and expenses.

  • You can retain the credit control management and also have a confidential facility.

  • All facilities are operated online making the account run smoothly. 

factoring for the haulage industry

does your business require factoring?

For transport and logistics businesses, the priority is to keep their fleet on the road and moving, making sure that driver's wages, hire purchase, lease payments and fuel bills are all paid on time. 

Volatile fuel costs, combined with the variations in exchange rates and an economy struggling to better its import and export ratios and competition from European transport companies make operating a profitable business increasingly difficult. 

In such a challenging climate, many hauliers are focused on maintaining an operation that is successful and profitable. Unexpected repairs and keeping up with regulation can turn a small profit in to a loss an have an adverse effect on the company.

In order to help ease this, cash flow is important and this is where Invoice Finance can help.

Consider using Asset Finance, either via a hire purchase or lease agreement to help spread the cost of any new or used assets being purchased, or if you are looking to re-finance any existing assets to fund cash flow we can combine this with a factoring or confidential invoice discounting facility.

how invoice finance can help you

Make Payments on Time

Invoice finance can ensure that drivers can be paid, vehicles can be re-fuelled and the movement of goods throughout the UK or beyond can continue

invoice finance for the transport industry
factoring for the transport industry

95% of the Gross Value of Each Invoice

Factoring or confidential invoice discounting can help your business, you will sell invoices to a factoring company that will provide up to 95% of the cash that is tied up

Keep the fleet moving

The main priority is to keep the fleet and making sure that the drivers wages, lease payments and fuel bills are paid on time, this is possible through invoice finance

factoring for the haulage industry
invoice finance for the haulage industry

Concentrate on your Business

A factoring company can chase for payments, allowing you to focus on your business. However, if you choose confidential factoring, you will remain in control

We're Here to Help You

Alliance Commercial Finance specialises in the transport and logistics industry and understands the challenges you may face, we want to work with you to achieve a steady stream of working capital

invoice finance for the haulage and transport industry

haulage factoring could be the solution you are looking for

bad debt protection

Bad debt protection gives peace of mind as it protects your business against the risks of one or more of your customers failing through insolvency or undisputed debt. It is particularly prudent if you are only trading with one or a handful of customers who you rely on for the majority of your turnover.

Being an independent factoring broker we are not tied to any one lender within the market and you will benefit from our years of experience allowing us to present you with the best options available for your business.

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