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commercial loans for businesses in the West Midlands

property finance and commercial loans

designed to quickly access funds needed

  • Property finance consists of mortgages that are usually secured against the property being purchased.

  • Development loans aim to provide funds to make sure that new development projects can be done and completed and the capital will be drawn in stages throughout the project. This loan will run through the course of the project and are paid back once the property has been refinanced using a traditional mortgage or sold to an end user. This is usually used for larger scale developments like office blocks or flat conversions.

  • Commercial loans can be a quick way to access an immediate injection of cash, some can be approved in 48 hours.

  • Have you considered a revolving loan? These are particularly useful if you are purchasing quick moving stock or supplies.

how does bridging finance work?

Bridging loans are a short-term borrowing solution. It is ideal for buyers who need funds to finish a development, buy a property at auction or as a temporary measure until the property qualifies for a traditional mortgage.

benefits of property finance

commercial loans for businesses in Worcestershire

Tailored to You

We understand that every project comes with different requirements. We can provide a number of options to you to ensure you get the best solution


Competitive Terms

Property finance can secure borrowing against a premises which doesn't qualify for tradition commercial mortage

west midlands invoice finance

Raise Capital Quickly

We can help you secure capital in just a few days/weeks, whether you are buying a property at auction or a brand new commercial property. Some loans can be underwritten in 24 hours

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