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asset finance for businesses in the West Midlands

asset finance

use your assets for funding

  • Asset refinance is simply the process of improving cash flow by leveraging off the existing business assets such as any plant, machinery or vehicles that are held within the business.

  • Asset finance allows you to take possession and operation of a piece of infrastructure immediately, but allowing you to pay in regular monthly instalments.

  • The advantages of re-financing an existing asset is the immediate injection of cash, helping you to solve an immediate cash flow problem

our asset finance package

methods of asset finance

methods of asset finance

asset finance for businesses in the West Midlands

Hire Purchase

If you prefer to own your own asset at the end of an agreement then this method is for you! You will still pay monthly payments but this will go towards full ownership.


This method makes it easy to raise capital through existing assets by refinancing against your current equipment, making it quick and easier to secure additional finance.

asset finance for businesses in the Midlands
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  • What is invoice finance?
    Invoice finance is a way of raising funds; giving you an immediate injection of cash, which could release up to 95% of the invoice value against your unpaid invoices, by the invoice finance provider agreeing to purchase your book debts.
  • What is invoice factoring?
    The factoring company purchases your book debts and will provide a full credit management service. In this service, they will: Talk directly to your customers and send out follow up letters Collect payments Produce monthly statements Allows access up to 95% of the invoice value. The lender will also provide disclosure in the way of an assignment notice placed upon the invoice.
  • Who are Alliance Commercial Finance Limited and what do they do?
    Alliance Commercial Finance Limited provide bespoke invoice finance, factoring and specialist supplier finance solutions to help businesses fund their working capital.
  • Why should I choose Alliance Commercial Finance?
    We spend the time talking to the directors to establish their requirements and provide them with the best options for their business. This enables a quick and reliable decision, allowing business to progress with as little disruption as possible. We constantly work with our funding partners to make sure we are up to date with current offers and products; which means you get impartial advice and the right product for your requirements. When you work with us, you will benefit from over 20 years' experience in the financial sector. Having worked at director level within the independent, non-bank owned factors, including those owned by merchant banks.
  • What's the difference between factoring and invoice discounting?
    With factoring, you will choose the lender who will collect the payment from your customers, this works best for small to medium sized businsses. Your customers know that you're using factoring but the factoring company will handle the credit control directly and will neogiate terms with customers. Invoice discounting is more straightforward and is used by large and established businesses. Compared to factoring, you will still have access to credit control but your customer will be unaware that you are borrowing against their invoices. With invoice discounting you can avoid a third party (the invoice financier), allowing you to deal directly with your customers.
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