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Improve your cashflow

  • Funding secured against existing and future contracts, JCT contracts will be considered.

  • Up to 75% can be made available against each invoice or application submitted.

  • Funding against applications and staged payments.

  • Confidential facilities can be provided.

  • All accounts are online making the funding process quicker. 

do you need construction funding?

No working capital can often mean long delays in the payment chain triggering cash flow problems.

Being involved in the construction industry can be like a rollercoaster ride, one minute you have no work, the next you have so much you are wondering how to finance it. 

We can help. Over the last few years there has been a number of lenders willing to support those businesses who are working within the construction industry or who have to work on lengthy contracts.

How does construction factoring work?

Applications for Payments

Structured staged payments will be considered for funding, instead of having to wait for payments you will receive an immediate cashflow solution for materials and operating costs

construction factoring

Speed Up the Payment Process

Construction finance can help contractors of all sizes maintain a credit facility, allow you to continue working and pay contractors/suppliers on time.

invoice finance for the construction industry


We can offer confidential construction finance which allows you to retain credit control function, so you will send out your own statements and carry out your own credit management

factoring for the construction industry
start your construction finance journey with us
bad debt protection

Bad debt protection gives peace of mind as it protects your business against the risks of one or more of your customers failing through insolvency or undisputed debt. It is particularly prudent if you are only trading with one or a handful of customers who you rely on for the majority of your turnover.

Being an independent factoring broker we are not tied to any one lender within the market and you will benefit from our years of experience allowing us to present you with the best options available for your business.

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