Trade Finance

Trade Finance ensures that you have the cash available to cover the costs associated with the importation of finished goods before the customer has paid their invoice. It is a way of removing the payment risk and the supply risk for those involved in the trade cycle. It protects you and your customers from late payments, ensuring you never miss out on the cash you need to complete the order and purchase supplies. 

There are several areas of trading abroad which can be complex and time consuming. Trade finance lenders take over the workload, giving you more time to concentrate on shipping timetables and customs compliance, without having to spend time chasing your debtors, preparing necessary paperwork etc.


How does Trade Finance work

Trade finance can help when you have a confirmed order or before the goods have been shipped, it will bridge the gap between paying suppliers and receiving payments from customer allowing you to confidently take on board your customers required products. 

Trade finance works in a similar fashion to invoice factoring. A lender can typically offer an agreed percentage of the total value of your invoices to cover the cost of purchasing the required product providing you with an instant cash sum. Typically the provider will also want to retain the collection of the payment from your own customer, acting on your behalf to chase up the outstanding debt.

Being an independent factoring broker we are not tied to any one lender within the market and you will benefit from our years of experience allowing us to present you with the best options available for your business.

Whether you’re starting a new business, already established or if you are looking to improve your current confidential invoice discounting agreement or simply want to improve your cash flow and are unsure which type of invoice finance facility will suit your business, contact us on 01789 761 374 and speak to an advisor today or alternatively fill in our quick quote form for a call back.

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