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Kick Start Your Business in 2018

Kick Start Your Business in 2018

The New Year is a perfect time to make a fresh start, personally and business wise!
It’s always great to set business and cash flow goals for the year and have targets to work towards but it is beneficial to also look at your business as a whole and realise how far you have come.

Here are some key tips to kick start your business!


We all hate them when they come in the post but they help our business exists! Ensure you pay all your bills on time to prevent any back log in payments.
You can simply do this by:

  • Keep a cash flow calendar so that you are aware of when each bill is due to be paid. You can do this on your phone or keep a physical calendar in your place of work.
    However keeping reminders on your phone for the day before each bill is due to go out, will prompt you to ensure money is in the bank.
  • Set up direct debits
  • Ensure that when you set up new contractors, customers or renew utility suppliers, that you take the time to negotiate contracts and terms. Whilst doing this it’s very important to be realistic so that you can meet the terms.

Cash flow

Cash flow is the key to ensure your business is running smoothly and ensuring you are in control of your cash flow, will reap benefits for your business.
Make sure to regularly check your revenue, debts and expenses, as well as ensuring that your payables and receivables are up to date to ensure that your cash flow is balanced.

It’s important to constantly review whether your suppliers and customers are paying bills on time and reviewing their credit limit, to help you craft highly informed decisions on whether to retain them or not, to help create a positive cash flow.

New Customers

It doesn’t matter whether you are a well-established or start up business, it’s crucial to find and target brand new customers to help your business continue healthily and continue to improve cash flow. This can be done through well-crafted marketing.

Added: 04 Jan 2018 12:11

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