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How to Find the Best Factoring Company for your Business

Whether you are a small business that has been trading for over 5 years or a start-up business, you know that it’s difficult to keep a steady cashflow, all small business needs reliable cashflow. You might feel like your options are limited when asking for help, as most larger businesses are financially stable, however invoice factoring can help!

Invoice factoring was made to keep your business bank account out of debt so you can focus on growing your business.


If you are new to trying invoice factoring, then you might think that all factoring companies are equal. Each factoring company is designed for a different industry like construction or a printing company. No matter what your industry you will be able to find a factoring company that has the experience you need! You’ll be working with experts in your industry, so you’ll be in good hands.


Do you have a lot of unpaid invoices? These will be hindering your business and your businesses growth. With invoice factoring you won’t need to wait for the payment to be made as the invoice factoring company will release 90% of the value within 24 hours. You’ll have to money to pay your suppliers, contractors and move onto the next project, without waiting on late paying clients!


A lot of people think that invoice factoring is expensive. Some of the most successful small businesses use invoice factoring to keep their cashflow steady and their finances in order. If you are looking to expand your business but need that final push, your invoice factoring company will be able to help as they will make sure you always have enough cash to do so.

We have contacts that can help a variety of industries so we can match you with the best factoring company for your business.


Here are the benefits of using invoice factoring:

  • You will receive expert advice from someone that has experience in your industry
  • You will also have cash available to be able to pay suppliers, contractors and staff
  • You won’t need to waste your time on chasing clients for payments
  • You won’t need to wait around to be paid when you have finished a project as all the funds will be in your account within 24 hours.

Added: 06 Jun 2019 11:15

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