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Can Invoice Discounting help to grow your business? Find out here:

Invoice Discounting isn’t just a good funding option for businesses that are facing cash flow problems. It is also a valid way of financing growth. Whether your business is at the start-up stage or you’re looking to take an established and successful business to the next level, Invoice discounting could be a flexible option for you. 

Here are the top reasons, how an invoice discounting arrangement could help grow your business:

Funding growth with an injection of working capital

When you set up an invoice discounting facility, a percentage (up to 95%) of the value of our unpaid invoices will be converted into cash, providing you with an injection of capital. This can be used in whichever way is most appropriate to fund the growth of your business.

Allowing you to offer more competitive terms to new customers 

Having an invoice discounting facility allows you to odder improved terms of trade with confidence, giving you more power to win new customers. 

Improving your profit margins

Invoice discounting releases cash tied up in invoices, giving you the buying power to negotiate better deals with your suppliers. 

New opportunities 

Being able to access funds quickly means you can take advantage of business opportunities as and when they arise.

Frees up time and energy

Invoice discounting gives you instant funds which are available this can take a lot of pressure off you. Instead of spending your time stressed, you and your employees can focus on your customers more efficiently. 

Alliance Commercial Finance helps businesses grow by providing invoice finance and factoring solutions to meet their current and long-term cash-flow requirements. We work with over 25 providers to give you a choice and offer a free review service - you could save up to one third off your current invoice finance costs by switching to a new provider. Contact us today!

Added: 18 May 2017 10:37

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