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Are bank overdrafts a thing of the past?

In recent years business bank overdrafts have become harder to obtain and often not at the funding level required. Banks are hesitant to lend to any business considered to be ‘high-risk’, this can include start up businesses as well as established businesses. This situation is forcing businesses to look elsewhere for their cash flow funding, turning to alternative options such as invoice finance.


If your new to invoice finance, check out this article – Invoice Finance Explained – you’ll find this very helpful as a starting point.

Invoice finance is where a third party, either independent or part of a bank or financial institution, agrees to buy your unpaid invoices for a fee. Factoring is the most commonly used form of invoice finance. Factoring is a form of cash flow finance that often exceeds the amount available offered through traditional bank funding.

There a numerous options available when it comes to invoice finance and factoring to see more click here.


So what is the difference between invoice finance and a bank overdraft?

We’ve answered this question in an earlier blog article – click here to read it.


Alliance Commercial Finance helps businesses grow by providing invoice finance and factoring solutions to meet their current and long-term cash-flow requirements. Working with our partners we can provide businesses with short term contracts, in some cases no contract term, confidential credit control and release up to 90% of the cash tied up in your invoices available within 24 hours of them being raised.

So if your business is looking for funding, why not consider the invoice finance options available to you.


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Added: 21 Mar 2016 12:49

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