What We Do

  • We help businesses grow by providing invoice finance and factoring solutions to meet their cash flow requirements
  • Invoice finance could release up to 90% of the gross value of each unpaid invoice, within 24hours of the invoice being raised.
  • We research the market on your behalf, to find the most suitable funding options for your business
  • We are truly independent and work with over 30 different providers, to ensure our customers are matched with the best option for them
  • We have access to rates and promotions not advertised on the open market


Alliance Commercial Finance helps businesses grow by providing invoice finance and factoring solutions to meet their current and long-term cash-flow requirements. Working with our partners we can provide businesses with short term contracts, in some cases no contract term, confidential credit control and release up to 90% of the cash tied up in your invoices available within 24 hours of them being raised.

Many businesses are unaware of the alternative finance options available, one of the most popular is invoice finance or factoring as it is more commonly known.

Invoice finance or factoring allows a business immediate access to cash tied up in unpaid invoices, which could be as much as 90% against the gross values of each invoice outstanding. Factoring will also provide a full sales ledger and credit management service. Alternatively, you could try confidential factoring, this allows you to outsource the credit control but on a confidential basis so your customers will not know. 

If you still want to retain the credit control, our partners can help, by providing confidential invoice finance known as invoice discounting and access to cash in unpaid invoices up to the value of 90%.

At Alliance Commercial Finance we understand the day-to-day pressures a business has regarding its cash flow and working capital needs. Finding the most suitable partner to help with your cash flow isn’t easy. Alliance Commercial Finance will research the market place on your behalf, presenting your business with options, which will take away the hassle of having to spend time conducting your own research. At Alliance Commercial Finance we will listen to your business needs, not what is right for the lender, being truly independent helps us to provide the business owner with sufficient working capital alternatives to achieve growth and cope with the its cash flow needs.

We also have access to rates and promotions not necessarily advertised within the market place, so whether it’s the first time using invoice finance or factoring or you have an existing facility, it can take as little as 15 minutes and existing users could save up to one third on your current costs.

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