Confidential Invoice Discounting

  • Confidential invoice discounting is a quick and effective way to release cash from unpaid invoices
  • Access up to 95% of the gross value of each invoice
  • Helps maintain a regular cash flow and enables you to meet bills, wages and other key operating expenses
  • You can retain the credit control management and also have a confidential facility
  • All facilities are operated online making the account run smoothly
  • Confidential invoice discounting is one of the two main forms of invoice finance
  • Confidential invoice discounting helps thousands of businesses across the UK turn unpaid invoices into cash


The confidential invoice discounting process is simple

Confidential invoice discounting allows you immediate access to cash tied up in your unpaid invoices, which could be as much as 90% against the gross value of each invoice outstanding, which means you don’t have to wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for your customers to pay and it helps provide you with the cash flow to pay suppliers, wages etc. 

Confidential invoice discounting allows your company to retain its credit control function, for example; you will still be sending out your own statements and carrying out your own credit management, a particular advantage if you wish the facility to remain truly confidential.

The process is simple; you will assign a copy of the invoices to the provider, which will be as simple as a copy of your day book listing off your accounting software. This is then processed by the invoice finance company and your invoice are made available for you to draw down up to 90 % of their gross value.

Historically a confidential invoice discounting facility has only been available to larger corporate clients, however in the current market this is not the case, we have helped businesses with turnovers of £250k and above find a confidential facility.


Confidential invoice discounting with bad debt protection

Some providers will also offer bad debt protection also known as "non-recourse". If one of your customers fails to pay an undisputed debt or becomes insolvent, the factoring provider will credit you with the amount of the debt up to the approved credit limit, less any agreed excess.

Bad debt protection gives peace of mind as it protects your business against the risks of one or more of your customers failing through insolvency or undisputed debt. It is particularly prudent if you are only trading with one or a handful of customers who you rely on for the majority of your turnover.


Being an independent factoring broker we are not tied to any one lender within the market and you will benefit from our years of experience allowing us to present you with the best options available for your business.

Whether you’re starting a new business, already established or if you are looking to improve your current confidential invoice discounting agreement or simply want to improve your cash flow and are unsure which type of invoice finance facility will suit your business, contact us on 01789 761 374 and speak to an advisor today or alternatively fill in our quick quote form for a call back.

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