Asset Finance

Asset finance is simply the process of improving cash flow by leveraging off the existing or future business assets. For example, these include plant and machinery or vehicles held within a business.

The methods by which this can be achieved vary from business to business, but the two most common deals in this area are hire purchase and lease purchase agreements.

Both allow you to take possession and operation of a piece of infrastructure immediately, but allowing you to pay in regular monthly instalments and in the case of hire purchase will allow you to take complete ownership at the end of the agreement.

The advantages of re-financing an existing asset is the immediate injection of cash, helping you to solve an immediate cash flow problem.

We offer bespoke packages to maximise these facilities in conjunction with either factoring or confidential invoice discounting, allowing you to raise even more cash flow.

Being an independent means we are not tied to any one lender within the market and you will benefit from our years of experience allowing us to present you with the best options available for your business.

Whether you’re starting a new business, already established or if you are looking to improve your current confidential invoice discounting agreement or simply want to improve your cash flow and are unsure which type of invoice finance facility will suit your business, contact us on 01789 761 374 and speak to an advisor today or alternatively fill in our quick quote form for a call back.

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